ULTIMATE charity app

Feel the true joy of giving

JaiHo app that will bring you and your
community together in one platform so that
you can experience the happiness of free giving as a donor & earn JaiHo rewards.

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Expand the usecase of crypto

JaiHo will launch its E-commerce . it help positively impacts the price and supply of JaiHo Tokens. JaiHo team buys token worth 20% profit Quarterly from the product’s CEO; and burn these tokens live to maintain price and supply.

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Blockchain Automation

Jaiho Blockchain applications use in real world with ability to increases trust, security and transparency. JBC replace old processes and help organization for automation.


Improve the transparency of charity

JaiHo is a movement to change people’s lives through its community-based profit-sharing models.  JaiHo donations will support charities & education projects that are striving to make India prosperous.

Who we are?


““Aim to build a social system that can
help everyone in the Country, By 2022 ””
Vikas (Founder & CEO )
“Don’t wait for the opportunity to come. Create the opportunity &  take action.”
Ashutosh (Founder & CTO )


Improve the transparency
of charity.


Weekly AMA  
Sunday at 8PM (IST)


Roadshows  & Community Meetup

Tokenomics & RoadMap

The community aims to hit to continue rapid
and decentralized development

JaiHo App ✓
You can experience the happiness. and earn JaiHo Tokens.
E-Commerce ✓
Launch its E-commerce with revenue-sharing model with JaiHo Token Affiliate .
JaiHo Swap
JaiHo Swap is decentralized
exchange (DEX) by March 2022
Buy back & burn
Quarterly team buy back JaiHo and then burns. 20% Profit from JaiHo use for buy back burn.
JaiHo BlockChain
Jaiho Blockchain brings in more traceability, security & efficiency in real-world & helping organizations by Aug 2022
NFT Marketplace
JaiHo NFT marketplace and earn directly for your work interacting with the global community
by Dec 2022

9% Tax Mechanism

2 % is Redistributed
4 % to Liquidity
1 % Auto Burn
2 % to Charity
 - Weekly Burn + Rewards
- Liquidity lock for 10 years
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JaiHo Crypto ?

JaiHo is India’s first community-based crypto project with low supply, which is deflationary over time. JaiHo’s unique revenue-sharing model includes a charity mission. We have built a community before releasing a token.
No Big Promises, just a loyal Community to grow over time.

What is JaiHo Contract address ?


How Much Slippage  ?

Slippage 9 to 12%

How Can I Support ?

Tell your friends & family, about JaiHo App.


JaiHo crypto makes no promises and is not responsible for any losses or errors use at your own risk. JaiHo token and all cryptocurrencies are extremely high risk and may result in a 100% total loss.
Nothing on this site is investment advice.